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Dear Newport Beach Voter,
The Newport Beach City Council voted 4:3 to put Councilman Will O’Neill’s elected mayor initiative on the June 2022 ballot (Measure B).
Measure B reduces the City Council to 6 district representatives instead of 7, creates an immensely powerful mayor and removes substantial authority
from other decision makers.  This results in the silencing the voices of those with differing viewpoints.  
That is a dramatic change to the representative spirit of our existing City Charter.

  • This initiative was created by several City Council members without any public oversite or public outreach before it was brought to City Council for approval by a slim majority.
  • Measure B eliminates the 1992 voter-approved term limits for the mayor, opening the potential for 16 consecutive years in office,
  • Since Council members remain limited to 8 consecutive years, the mayor could control the priorities and decisions across multiple city councils, especially dangerous if the mayor is beholden to special interests.  
  • There is no logical reason to abandon the seven existing City Council districts with a rotating mayor.  This change will completely remake our system of city government by reducing the number of representatives from 7 to 6 creating more complexity and fewer common issues within each newly defined district.
  • Why go to the cost and effort of a special election when public outreach workshops would have resulted in a more reasoned proposal as to whether or how the mayoral process should work in Newport Beach.
  • A diverse group of residents of all political persuasions are opposed to Measure B and feel that our current City Council process has served us well.  See the list of Newport Beach voters opposed to Measure B

Measure B simply does not serve the citizens of Newport Beach.  Supporting this proposal is discarding a style of government that has worked well for Newport Beach residents and dramatically changes the representative spirit of our existing City Charter.

Measure B will appear at the very bottom of your ballot.  Do not overlook this important opportunity to VOTE NO.

What can you do?

  1. Forward this Email to like-minded NB friends so that we can educate people regarding what Measure B actually does to our city.
  2. Add your name to the growing list of people who are publicly against the initiative. 
  3. Make a contribution to help us get the message out to Newport Beach voters.  Contribution options are available at
  4. If you would like more detailed information about Ballot Measure B, click here to view 13 REASONS TO VOTE NO ON MEASURE  B

To see the actual initiative, with the concerning parts in bold, click here.

Thank you for caring about the future of our city.